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Participation in the interscholastic athletic program at Paradise Adventist Academy is an option for students to develop their relationship with Christ, develop as a person and player, and have an opportunity to succeed and excel through sports. This option will be available to those who are selected to be a part of each team by that team’s coaching staff.


The primary purpose of the interscholastic athletic program at Paradise Adventist Academy is to promote and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This will be done by making it a priority of all practices and games and providing every opportunity to grow and share in our walk with God.


Student-athletes will be taught that we as Christians can still compete and play hard without having to put our relationship with Christ on hold. We will never make excuses for our behavior on or off the court and we will instill a love for God that does not get turned off when we step on the playing surface.


The athletic program will also maintain an environment to where sport can play a role in the development of each student. Coaches will be positive influences and show genuine interest in each student-athlete. Developing a positive relationship with athletes will allow coaches to develop not only good players but good people as well.


Players will learn valuable life skills from the athletic program, the value of teamwork, winning and losing with class, good time management skills, and how values guide our behaviors and many others. Considerable attention will also be given to assuring academic progress of every student-athlete.


Lastly, the PAA athletic program will provide the opportunity for each student-athlete to have a positive experience in competitive sports. In order for this to occur, student-athletes must have a feeling of success. Success will be defined not by our victories on the field but by knowing we have done the very best we could do.


It is of utmost importance for all student-athletes to feel in each contest that they can be successful. That sense of success will come from providing a clear and concise plan so no matter the outcome, student-athletes can leave knowing they have done something well. This will be true even if a player plays the entire game, plays very little or none at all. It is through these successes the PAA athletic program will provide positive lasting memories of a student’s high school journey.

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