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At Paradise Adventist Academy, we encourage you to take an active, participatory role in your child's education. We provide a variety of educational opportunities throughout the year, including retreats, excursions, and meetings.


Please set aside time in your schedule to get involved in your child's education and attend school functions. When you set a strong, positive example, your child will follow where you lead.

Fun and Exciting Educational Activities

Leaving Independence — A Video Journey

Leaving Independence is an episodic feature about discovery, character growth development, and independent thinking. Dave Vixie, teaches eighth grade at Paradise Adventist Academy. It is not too often that you come across an educator who is so passionate about learning that he will go to great lengths to teach a student to become a thinker, not a reflector.


This particular project he calls a “simulation” where the kids are encouraged to role play what it would have really been like for the early travelers. They are to think in 19th-century terms.


In this first episode, the students start out on a journey retracing the footsteps of the early pioneers beginning where the Humbolt River ends. Their final destination is 120 miles away in California. All along the trail, Dave Vixie teaches spontaneous object lessons that are analogous to real life decisions that even adults face.

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Take an active role in your child's education


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