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Lost Clothing

It is a good idea to label all of your child’s clothing.  In an attempt to encourage your child’s responsibility in this area, I do not keep track of children’s clothing.  At the end of recess I remind them to check to see if they left anything on the playground.  Please do not expect me to know where your child’s purple coat is.  If your child is missing something, please check with the office or after-care.



In order to keep the focus on learning, students need to leave all toys at home.  Toys can become a distraction to learning and are not needed at school.  We have all of the playground equipment needed for them to have a great time at recess.  If a child brings toys into the classroom, they will be taken away and kept until June in the “June Box” to be returned at the end of the school year.  I make this very clear on the first day of school each year.  Please do not ask me to return them before that time.  Any toys that are brought to play with during after school care, must stay in their backpack until that time.



Our Day

I am often asked about our daily schedule and what will be missed for a dental, medical, or other appointments during the school day.  Of course, it is ideal to make those appointments after school hours however, I realize that isn’t always possible.  In an effort to help you plan ahead, here is our basic schedule.   If you are planning on picking them up from school early, please just send a note in the morning and I will try to remember so that they have their things together and are ready to go.


















Our class has lunch at 11:30.   If you are going to bring your child a lunch, please plan to have it at the school by that time.  The class has NO MICROWAVE available for children to heat anything up so please do not send food expecting me to heat it.  



Classroom Climate

Choices are a big part of growing up!  In 1st & 2nd grade, if the students are making positive choices, there will be positive rewards.   It is my philosophy that children will thrive in a learning environment that feels safe and loving.  In order to facilitate this, one of the things that I do is to keep things positive.  I spend a lot of time during the day pointing out the behavior that I want other children to model themselves after.  An example of this might be, “I like the way that Buford listened to directions, cleaned off his desk and is ready for lunch.”  We will also be spending time this year learning what the Bible says about how we should treat each other.  Our basic classroom rule is “Respect Others”.  That encompasses just about everything all of us need to do in life.  If children choose not to respect others, there will be negative consequences.  Negative choices produce negative consequences.  The following will happen with each act of disrespect:  


1. Student’s name on the “Oops List”

 *Student will spend 10 minutes of the following recess walking   and then discuss with the teacher what would have been a better choice.


2. Check mark after student’s name

 * Student will spend another 10 minutes of the following recess walking and write a letter home to their parents about the choices they made during the day.  They must bring a signed note back from their parents the next day to show that it was read.


3. Another check mark

  * Student will call their parent at home or work to discuss their behavior.  When the child is finished talking, the teacher will speak with the parent and make plans on how to help the child make better choices.


4. Another check mark

 * Student will visit the principal.  


Class Work

We go through hundreds of papers each week and it can be a daunting task if there is not an organized system.  In an effort to help your child learn to be responsible for keeping track of their own papers, I use a chart system with stars to let each child know if we are missing a paper. We can quickly look at their name to verify if there is star or the subject of the missing work.


Fun Friday


Fun Friday takes place every Friday. This is a time that students are recognized for their efforts toward becoming well behaved and responsible students throughout the week. The students that have modeled this will participate in a fun activity with the 3rd-4th graders. The students that have not behaved in a cooperative and responsible manner, will go to a Study Hall period to work on their missing/incomplete work or another activity if all of their work is caught up.



Knowing that birthdays are important to children, I encourage you to make that day special by bringing in treats for your child to share with classmates.  If your child’s birthday falls during the summer months, you are welcome to celebrate their half birthday.


Planned Absences

I realize that there are times when you will need to take your child out of school.  Please fill out the necessary paperwork in the office and after receiving this from the office, I will do my best to have their work ready shortly before your child leaves.  Realize however, that your child may miss activities that are impossible to make up.  Once I give you the assignments, it is your responsibility to see that they are completed and returned to me upon their return to school.  



RenWeb is the online program used by the school to keep you informed as to your child’s progress throughout the year.  I encourage you to check it regularly so that you know how your child is doing academically.  All of the information about the program is available in the office.


Grades on Report Cards

It is important for you to know that the grades that your child receives on their report card will be an E, S, or N. This is not my or the school’s choosing. This is a directive from the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists Office of Education. As I grade and record scores on the RenWeb sight, the scores are calculated as a percentage. The legend for the ESN grading system compared to the traditional A, B, C, D, F is as follows:










Cell Phones

If you wish to have your child bring a cell phone to school, it will be kept outside, in their backpack, for use after school.  They are not to be used in the classroom or during the day at school. If a child takes it out of the backpack during the day, it will be considered a toy and will be taken away.  If it is necessary to talk to your child, please call the classroom phone, 877-6540 ext. 3020.



The main way that I communicate with the parents as a whole group is through this website. Every week I update it with news, upcoming events and their spelling words/memory verse. There is a link to my email on the school’s website also, or you are welcome to just email me directly at  I usually check for emails several times throughout the day.  If you do not have a computer, please plan on using one of the school’s computers in the library to check out the newsletter. I am usually at the school from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. each day except Friday.  Please call the school with school related issues during that time.  That number is 877-6540 ext. 3020.  If you have an emergency, such as a death in the family or your child is in the hospital, and find it necessary to call me at home, please do so before 8:00 p.m.  


Character Development Program

This program is a school and home partnership. Your child will bring home a book to be read and discussed with you. There is also a form for you to fill out. This can be counted as a part of their returned to school. The children are required to read and respond to 2 books each week, any beyond that will be extra credit going to their social studies grade.


Visiting Your Child at School

When your child is at school, they are learning many things including how to start becoming independent.  This is an important part of growing up and maturing into the person that God has designed them to be.  School time is for your child to grow in all areas, including socially.  Friendships are an important part of that development and if parents are continually at the school, it hinders this process.  Due to this, I strongly discourage parents from dropping by during the day to visit your child.  If you truly feel that there is a problem, you are welcome to observe, with an appointment, made through the principal’s office.


Field Trips

I love taking the students on field trips and would like to keep it that way!  Some of them are close to the school and while others are out of town as far away as Sacramento.  It is a huge responsibility on my part to take your precious children away from school so there are a few guidelines that I insist are followed:

  • Please do not sign up unless you are on the school’s approved driver list.

  • There will be a sign-up sheet at Back to School night for anyone interested in driving on field trip.   I limit you to 2 field trips with a waiting list so that everyone will have a chance.  After all parents have had a chance, it will be opened up to those that want to attend more than two.

  • Remember that these are school, not family outings. Please do not ask to bring along Grandma and Grandpa, siblings, cousins, Aunts……

  • If your child needs a booster seat, please provide one! I would hate to have to leave your child behind!


  • I am the one who decides which children go in each car.  Of course, if a parent is driving, their child will be in that car.

  • All adults must stay with the group and not make any detours along the way to go buy lunch, go shopping, or do your own thing.

  • If you choose to buy a treat for the children in your car you must be willing to do so for the entire class.

  • No siblings are allowed to go; the field trip is designed for the 1st & 2nd graders and the focus needs to be on them.

  • Take a “barf bag” just in case.

  • Children are to remain seat belted at all times.  No exceptions.

  • Any movies shown or games played in the car MUST BE RATED G.

  • Please don’t show up the morning of the trip expecting to go if you haven’t signed up and are one of the designated drivers.

  • We have class t-shirts to wear when we are away from school.  The main purpose is safety and to easily spot the children.  Please make sure that all of the children keep the shirts on.

  • Occasionally a child misbehaves BECAUSE their parent is along.  If this is the case, I may ask you not to join us again.

  • If a parent has a difficult time following the guidelines they may not be invited to join us again.


Accelerated Reader Program

I implement the reading program, Accelerated Reader, to encourage the children to become avid readers.  This is a part of their grade.  Children are given a test periodically throughout the year to find the reading range that best suits them based on their ability.  They then know the book bins that they are to choose a leveled book from.   Each child may have only one book out at a time so that they can keep their focus on that one book.  When they are finished reading the book, they are to go to one of the student computers in the room and take a comprehension quiz.  They will earn points based on their score which they are able to spend once a month at the A.R. store.  Most children get really excited about this and become reading monsters!  Unfortunately, I have lost enough books over the years that I do not allow them to be checked out to go home. There are however, tens of thousands of books that have quizzes through this program and most of the books that you have at home or check out through the library are included in this.



Your child will be bringing homework home each evening Monday through Thursday.  I encourage you to make it be their responsibility.  They will bring home a sign off sheet each Monday that must be signed by an adult to show that their work was checked.  This is an opportunity to encourage honesty.  Each Friday morning they will turn the sheet in for a reward if all of the parent signatures are there signaling that the homework was completed. This is the homework that all students have every day. I plan plenty of time for each child to finish the day’s assignments during the school day.  If a child has not stayed on task, they may have unfinished work. If this happens, I tell them to put it in their homework folder to take home and finish that night. I make it clear to them that it is their responsibility to bring it back finished the next day. If this doesn’t happen, they will spend the first recess finishing it. This usually stops any “forgetting” of homework.  I post all assignments once a week to the Renweb site so that you can check your child’s progress. I do my best to make sure that every assignment is graded and recorded in my hard copy grade book every day after school.  I also keep a list of student missing work in a pocket chart and update it daily so that I can help the children stay on top of everything by asking them for missing work.  As they turn it in, I remove that assignment and replace it with a star as a reward for staying up to date on assignments.





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Cindy Myers

I have now been teaching over 35 years, with this being my 17th year here at PAA.  I am happily married to a very patient husband, have two grown daughters, two son-in-laws, a grandson on the way, a cat, and a puppy.  My hobbies are reading, sewing, and genealogy.  I still love beginning my days with your children and count myself blessed to be a teacher.  My goal this year is to help each child to come to know Jesus as their Forever Friend.  I look forward to working with you as a partner in your child’s educational journey this school year.


Our Class

The following information is about some things to know to help you and your child have a successful year in our classroom.  Each teacher runs their classroom differently and it is better to know my policies at the beginning of the year to avoid any misunderstandings.  These ideas are ones that I have used over the years and I hope that you find helpful.  Please refer to this throughout the year if you have any questions.



Part of growing up is learning to take care of your own things.  It is important for your child to be able to locate pencils, scissors, etc. quickly when they are needed so that they don’t waste class time and get behind.  It is your child’s responsibility to keep their own desk clean.  To encourage this, each Friday, I give time to clean it and give them a reward according to how tidy it is.

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