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Dear Parents,

What a fun week! As you may know, we have had an Amazon Wishlist since the fire. On the list I had books, sports equipment, a printer, scissors... and Kid's Fire :) 8 tablets listed in hopes that those would take the place of our computers, especially for AR. We were given 6 and I was quite excited since we'd only had 4 computers dedicated to the students.  Amazingly enough, a teacher in Tualatin, Oregon decided to partner with the parents of her students and had all of the children work doing chores to raise money for buying tablets! When she emailed me that they were buying 10 tablets, I about fell off my chair!! They actually raised more than that and sent us a check for the remaining $631!!! I am more excited over the fact that this was done FOR US than the gift!

Now, I don't want you to worry. One of the benefits of these is that they are designed specifically for children. They are preloaded with many safeguards that are helpful to keep all of these precious children safe from the many dangers out there. An example is that I was able to go on the first one and delete any books, apps... that looked even remotely questionable and then clone all of them to match the first one. I may or may not have gotten a little too delete happy. I've also encouraged the students to let me know if they see ANYTHING that may have slipped by me. Another benefit is the fact that I can set how much screen time they are allowed to have. That includes AR quizzes as well as any educational games that they play.

The students are quite excited to have their "own" tablet and I know it will be beneficial to our classroom. If you would like to see them, please stop by our class!

Since we have moved to our new classroom, we don't have a sink and all of our water bottles melted in the fire. It's really too bad because I had found a great deal on them and bought about 3 years worth! I do have a water dispenser in the classroom or the children can fill their bottle at a drinking fountain in the hall but each student needs to bring their own non-metal water bottle. I say non-metal because several times a full bottle has fallen on little toes and that really hurts!

You will notice on the homework sheet for this week that there are no Character Development books listed. Even though we have been given a lot of character books from our Amazon Wishlist, there are not enough of one topic for each child to have one. Until the school orders more, we will wait to do that portion of our homework.

We have 1 week left of this quarter. I have not entered any grades since the fire and will only be entering a few things in the mean time.


If you would like your child to take AR quizzes at home, the link is:

Your partner in Christian Education,

Cindy Myers


boy5 nw11_moose1 raccoon1