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Please take a few moments to meet the dedicated and compassionate educators at Paradise Adventist Academy.


Through their hard work, your children receive excellent educations built on strong moral foundations.


The PAA board members guide our school's vision and purpose.

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  Mrs. Julie Jensen        Ms. Madison Macomber     Mrs. Cindy Myers        Mr. Kent Wuestefeld


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5th & 6th Grade

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  Mr. David Vixie        Mrs. Jennifer Shaw    Mrs. Kimberly Baumbauch    

7th & 8th Grade

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After-School Supervisor

Mr. Caleb Rasmussen Mrs. Merilyn Chaffee     Mr. Glenn Bentjen           Mr. Henry Cha

H.S. and Jr. High English

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Computer Science, Religion, IT

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Business Manager, Accounting

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   Mr. Jason Eyer         Mr. David Goymer       Mr. James Mayne       Mrs. Brenda Muth

Athletic Director,

Vice-Principal, PE, Geometry,

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Math, Physics

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History, Government, Religion

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Mr. Monte Nystrom    Mr. Forest Macomber Mr. Garrison Chaffee

Principal, Spanish

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Science, Math

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Chaplain, Religion

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Elementary Aide

Jr. High English

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