School-Wide Learning Objectives

Teaching Teens. Building Adults.

You may still call your children “kids” or “teens,” but in a few years, they will rightly be called “adults.” Imagine that time for a moment. Imagine when your young man or young woman leaves high school to pursue what God has for them next. What kind of adult will they be?

What strengths do you hope they will have — academically, spiritually, or emotionally? What kind of character will they display? How will they be prepared to walk confidently into the next season of life?

At Paradise Adventist Academy, we’ve identified Christ-centered character traits that help define how our students learn to ‘do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.’ Every program at PAA is structured and delivered to help students achieve what is called ‘School Wide Learning Objectives’. These not only prepare them to face the world today but what they can apply for the future ahead.

School-Wide Learning Objectives


  • It is our purpose to nurture the fullest development of the physical, mental and spiritual faculties of our students.
  • To encourage and give the opportunity to know God more
  • Encourage participation in church fellowship now and for the duration of their life
  • Study the Bible and apply God’s teachings into their lives


  • To develop and improve study habits to prepare them for a higher level of learning
  • To seek wisdom and clarity in all subjects with teachers and peers with effective communication
  • Continually encourage and strive for academic excellence


  • To encourage and foster the opportunity to serve others better
  • Develop a service-oriented lifestyle
  • To increase in kindness and treat others in a way that exemplifies Christ
  • Develop effective communication through interpersonal relationships
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills with a sense of humility and a discerning spirit for God’s leading.