Biblical Integration

Building Up Students with Strong Faith and Christ-Centered Character

At Paradise Adventist Academy, we are committed to nurturing an environment that will help us develop stronger faith in God. We believe that, as we consistently study His Word, God will help us develop character traits that are more like that of Christ.

Our highest priority is that each member of our school community becomes more convinced that they are beloved children of God, and that the best life is one in which they do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God (Micah 6:8).

What It Looks Like

Here are a few specific ways PAA invests in developing Christ-centered, character-driven students.

Committed Educational Team

The teachers and staff at Paradise Adventist Academy understand that the best way to help students grow closer to God is to place a priority on nurturing their own walk with God. In John 15, Jesus assures us that if we remain in Him, we will bear much fruit. Our teachers continually strive to “remain in Him” while they engage in their educational ministry. They understand that this is the best way to partner with the Holy Spirit Who is responsible for producing “the fruit”.


We understand the importance of being a praying community, and we take time to pray with and for each other on a daily basis.

Religion Classes

All students participate in religion classes that focus on various elements of the Christian faith. This provides students with opportunities to study the teachings of Jesus Christ and learn how to integrate those teachings into their own lives.

Weekly Chapel

Our weekly chapel services provide students with opportunities to connect more fully with God and with each other. During these services, we embrace opportunities to praise God in song, seek God in prayer, and learn more of God through messages presented by teachers, students, pastors, and various guest presenters.  

Community Service

In Matthew 20:26 Jesus teaches that the way to be great in God’s Kingdom is to serve others.  One of the ways that we help students embrace this teaching is to require that all students engage in at least 25 hours of community service each year. Most of this service is self-directed, but we periodically provide school-organized opportunities for our entire student body to participate in community service projects together.

Give your high schooler the Christian education they need to thrive.