Clubs & Activities

Paradise Adventist Academy offers students various extracurricular clubs and activities for growth and development beyond the classroom.

Student Government

Associated Student Body (ASB) provides an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills as they represent the interests and goals of the PAA student body. Students in ASB gain valuable lifelong characteristics demonstrating good citizenship and responsibility within a self-governed body. The ASB officers plan, organize, and participate in social activities throughout the year. Officers are elected at the end of each school year for the following year. The ASB sponsor (a faculty member) will provide guidance and assistance to the ASB officers.

Class Officers and Organization provides additional opportunities for students within their class to plan meaningful social activities and to provide more opportunities to develop leadership skills amongst their peers. Class officers are chosen (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Pastor, Treasurer, Historian) at the end of the school year (for the next school year) or no later than the second week of the new school year.

Student Senate functions as a representative body of elected students who give voice to students’ concerns and who seek to improve student life on campus. Two representatives from each class are elected to serve one-year terms in the Student Senate. This body meets consistently throughout the school year.

Campus Ministries

PAA holds great value in having Linda Nystrom as our campus chaplain. Students seek comfort in knowing that within their faculty and on campus there is a safe and spiritual mentor who is readily available to lean on. While guiding the students on their own spiritual journeys in life, PAA assembles on a weekly basis for activities intended to enhance spiritual growth. One week of each semester we have a dedicated “Week of Prayer” in which our entire student body spends a week dedicated to extra spiritual emphasis and growth.

Clubs and Organizations

With permission of the faculty, students may organize special interest clubs (Art Club, Ski Club, etc). Each club must have a faculty sponsor. Dues will be established by a vote of the members of the club and must be approved by the administration.

Senior Class Trip – Senior class trips provide opportunities to create memories and enhance lifelong friendships. The Board has also established that senior class trips be separate from educational trips. When planning a class trip, Seniors are expected to budget for the trip and contingencies such as late arriving students and the cost of required sponsors and administrationextracurriculars